York Rite Bodies

Greetings from the Whittier York Rite Bodies - The Whittier Chapter Royal Arch Masons #91, Adoniram-Whittier #53 Cryptic Council and Whittier-St. Johns Commandery of Knights Templar #51!

Here is a brief overview of the York Rite exemplified in the Whittier Chapter RAM #91, Adoniram-Whittier Cryptic Council and Whittier-St. Johns Commandery KT #51. After a man is raised as a Master Mason in a Lodge of Freemasons (goes through the Third Degree) there are many choices facing him if he wishes to continue his Masonic Education. I think I have counted over 200 degrees/bodies that a Master Mason can join after being raised to a Master Mason. The York Rite is the oldest of the organizations offering further Masonic enlightenment after the third Degree of Masonry.

Every York Rite Mason is a 3rd Degree Mason, but not all 3rd Degree Masons are York Rite Masons.

To become a York Rite Mason a Master Mason needs to submit an application to a Chapter (which goes through a similar process as his application did when he first joined Masonry), be elected to membership, and go through a series of Degrees. Yes, there is a nominal fee to submit an application, and yes there are minimal annual dues for each of the following bodies. Each is a separate entity which has their own set of Officers, governing bodies, ritual, jewels, dress, rules, and supported Charity, but all are part of the York Rite.

The York Rite consists of three bodies (very, very brief introduction):

Capitular Masons or Royal Arch Masons - Consists of Chapters of Royal Arch Masons. The progressive Degrees of Capitular Masonry start with the Mark Master Degree, then the (virtual) Past Master Degree, then the Most Excellent Master Degree, culminating in the Royal Arch Degree. Once a man is exhaulted to the Royal Arch Degree he is called a Companion.

Cryptic Masons or Council of Cryptic Masons - Consists of Councils of Select Masters. The progressive Degrees of Cryptic Masonry start with the Royal Master Degree, then the Select Master Degree. There is also a Super Excellent Master Degree that can be taken after the Select Master Degree, but it takes a huge cast, so it is not offered very often. Once a man has completed the Select Master Degree he is also called a Companion.

Chivalric Masons or Commenadery of Knights Templar - - Consists of a Commandery of Knights Templar This body is not directly descended from the Knights Templar of the crusades, but reflects many of those same virtues. This organization is a Christian-oriented organization. The Chivalric Orders (Degrees) of the Knights Templar start with the Order of the Red Cross, then the Order of the Knights of Malta, then culminating in the Order of Knights Templar. One a man has completed the Order of Knights Templar he is called Sir Knight.


The York Rite experience caused me to change in ways I never realized possible. Changes for the positive, changes that caused me to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Yes, there are other organizations with fancier titles, numbers, and are more advertised in Masonry, but the York Rite has been around for so long (created shortly after the creation of the UGLE) because it offers so much more. I do not think my Brother Master Masons will be disappointed by becoming a York Rite Mason. We are all adhered to our "Blue Lodge", but the York Rite gives you that something extra that men like me were in search for. Contact the Grand York Rite Bodies at the contact listed on this website, or better yet, contact me at the information provided on this website and get started on a Masonic journey of a lifetime.

Royal Arch

Whittier Chapter No. 91
Second Monday at 7:00 PM

Cryptic Council

Adoniram-Whittier No. 53
Second Monday at 8:00 PM

Knights Templar

Whittier-St. Johns Commandery No. 51
First Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Royal Arch Whittier Chapter No. 91

2020 Whittier Chapter Officers

High Priest - Gary A. Henderson
King - Mark F. Patton
Scribe - Socrates E. Patronas
Captain of the Host - Don G. Mc Laurin Jr
Principal Sojourner - Eric L. Lopez
Treasurer - Robert K. Geiger, PHP
Secretary - Gary K. Iverson, PHP
Royal Arch Captain - Sam Choi
Master of the Third Veil - Orval Burchfield
Master of the Second Veil - Raymond A. Hampel
Master of the First Veil - Nick De Simone
Sentinel - Andrew S. Aurum

Cryptic Council Adoniram-Whittier No. 53

2020 Whittier Council Officers

Illustrious Master - Robert K. Geiger
Deputy Master - Gary A. Henderson
Principal Conductor of the Work - Thomas N. Thomas
Treasurer - Andrew M. Prutsman
Recorder - Gary M. Iverson
Chaplain - Don G. Mc Larin Jr.
Captain of the Guard - Mark F. Patton
Conductor of the Council - Joseph E. Patronas
Steward - Socrates E. Patronas
Sentinel - Eric L. Lopez

Whittier-St. Johns Commandery No. 51

2020 Whittier Commandery Officers

Commander - S.K. Robert K. Geiger
Generalissimo - S.K. Gary A. Henderson
Captain General - S.K. Joseph E. Patronas
Senior Warden - S.K. Mark F. Patton
Junior Warden - S.K. Socrates E. Patronas
Prelate - S.K. Thomas N. Thomas,REPGC
Treasurer - S.K. Andrew M. Prutsman, PC
Recorder - S.K. Gary M. Iverson, PC
Standard Bearer - S.K. Raymond A. Hampel
Sword Bearer - S.K. Gordon E. Hoyt
Warder - S.K. - Eloy T. Antunez III
Sentinel - S.K. - Andrew S. Aurum


If you would like to continue your Masonic journey considering joining the York Rite. Download the applications below, fill them out, and email them to whittieryorkrite@gmail.com

7604 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier, CA 90602


Royal Arch

Whittier Chapter No. 91

Cryptic Council Petition

Adoniram-Whittier No. 53

Knights Templar Petition

Whittier-St. Johns Commandery No. 51